Peshtemals are one of the types of towels loved by all for a versatile range of use. You can use peshtemals as bath and hand towels at home, as beach or poolside towels outside, and even for decorative purposes.

In short, there are many ways to use peshtemals towels. If you're wondering about their usefulness in the kitchen, we have the five perfect practical uses for you!

Let’s Wash Up

The first use, and the most obvious one, is using your peshtemal as a hand towel. A peshtemal may make an even more awesome kitchen companion than a regular hand towel. It is lightweight, which means it dries quickly between uses, so it is popular as a beach towel (read Guide To Choosing The Perfect Cabana Towels to learn more).

So, when you come back to the kitchen to prep for the next meal, your towel is not damp and musty-smelling—but dry and fresh.

Use As A Sink Mat

If you often wash dishes, you'll know the added hassle of cleaning up the water splashes around the kitchen sink afterwards. No matter how careful you are, water tends to find its way everywhere while washing up.

Let’s add something to make your job easier—a peshtemal. Super absorbent and just as easy to dry, peshtemals make convenient mats for your wash basins and kitchen sinks. Add a couple of extra peshtemals to your towel collection for the kitchen today!

Lay A Table Runner

Got a classic country theme in your kitchen? Then, it’s a no-brainer to use a peshtemal as a table runner. Get a large one so that it completely covers the length of the table, or fold it up lengthwise and lay it out as a table runner. It is perfect for everyday use and casual dinner parties!

Alternate For A Pot Mat

Don't have (or lost) a pot coaster and don't want to spoil your nice table or counter surface? No worries; a folded-up peshtemal makes a cute and useful coaster and one of the most helpful ways to use peshtemals towels. If you're using a peshtemal as a table runner, as suggested above, you can even use your extra peshtemal as a matching mat for placing hot dishes over the surface.

Hang For Décor

Turkish towels such as peshtemals are appreciated for their design, function, and traditional look. The importance of towels is not just about their literal use but also their part in visual appeal. A nicely coloured and patterned peshtemal—that goes with your kitchen's overall aesthetics—makes for a chic hanging decorative piece. It's a unique, quirky way to add some pizzazz to the space.

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