With summertime approaching fast, it's time to plan beach and poolside fun. Unfortunately, it's also the time to go through your linen closet and see whether or not you've got your perfect cabana partner to stay clean and dry after a swim.

If you've discarded your old beach or pool towel and are in the market for a new one, this guide to choosing the perfect cabana towel is for you.

When choosing a cabana towel, here are the factors you need to consider:

Weight & Size

The importance of towels, whether we're talking cabana towels or bath towels, is the same—to stay dry. However, there is a world of difference in how they should feel. Cabana towels come in different sizes and shapes, and how much you'll be using yours determines what kinds you should pick.

Your guide to choosing the perfect cabana towels is first choosing something manageable. Plush and lightweight is what you're going for so that your towel dries you well without feeling like a weight to carry.

Also, get a large towel for beach use. You don't want to spend cabana time shivering, so bring a towel that envelopes you perfectly. We suggest a smaller matching towel—like a hand towel—if you like putting your hair in a turban.


Who doesn't love a cloud-like towel? After you've got your tan on, resulting in glowy but slightly sensitive skin, a scratchy towel is the last thing you need. Softness is a crucial aspect of your guide to choosing the perfect cabana towels.

When buying a cabana towel, you'll find various types of towels—but go for combed cotton. Its texture is perfect for sensitive skin. The refined touch to cotton makes it lightweight without compromising absorbency. Given that it's breathable, you'll have your towel dry by the time you're ready to pack up the beachside party.

Colour: Light or Dark?

If you remember your grade school science lessons, you'll remember that darker colours absorb heat while lighter ones deflect it. The same goes for towels and other bathroom linen.

So, while we understand the need to match your towel to your swimsuit or flip-flops, we advise you to use a lighter shade. White towels may be a tad risky for sandy beaches, so light beige, cream colours, or pastels will look dashing!

Shopping For A Cabana Towel

Now that you've got your guide to choosing the perfect cabana towels, why not browse our towel collection? At Trends Alley Australia, we've got you covered for all your summertime fun towel needs.

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