Care Instructions

The First Wash
Please wash the products before use. Use a cold or lukewarm wash cycle. Our products are color fast at 40 degrees. By adhering to the recommended washing instructions, you will guarantee long-term enjoyment of our high-quality terry products.
Keep Colors Separate
Wash light and dark colors separately. With the dark and brighter colors, you may find that the excess dyes wash out during the first few wash cycles. Do not allow damp terry toweling products to lie on top of each other for long as this too can cause stains.
Measure out the washing powder quantities
Always use the washing powder quantities recommended by the manufacturer. If too much washing powder is used, residues of the powder can adhere to the fibres, causing the cotton fibres to harden and colors to fade. Too little washing agent too leads to a hardening of the fibers.
Which Washing Powder?
Detergents containing bleach and whitening agents should only be used for white toweling products. For colored products, we recommend fine washing powders which do not contain whitening agents. These powders prevent colors from staining and fading and ensure that your terry products retain their bright colors for years to come.
Do not use too much fabric softener
Use fabric softeners sparingly as they adhere to the surface of the cotton fibres, reducing the absorbency and drying ability of the fabric. Fabric softeners also encourage the formation of fluff if you use a tumble dryer. You can dispense with the use of fabric softeners altogether. During the drying process, the air fluffs up the terry fabric and makes it particularly soft and pleasant. Terry toweling dried over a radiator, on the other hand, goes stiff but can be fluffed up again by gentle rubbing and kneading.
Why do terry toweling products cause fluff?
To prevent excessive and long-term fluffing, the fabric should not be allowed to rub too much in the washing machine. This can be prevented if the drum of the washing machine is always filled well. Always follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer relating to the recommended loading level.
Avoid excessive shrinking
Terry toweling products can never be absolutely shrink-proof. However, you can minimize shrinkage by stretching it while it is still damp or after it has dried and pulling it into shape. The tumble dryer temperature should not be set too high as this may damage cotton fabrics. When you buy a terry bathrobe, select a size which is slightly too large because it will shrink of a little after the first wash.
What to do about pulled threads?
Never pull out loose threads – simply cut them off flush with the pile. To prevent pulled threads, please do not wash your terry products together with other garments which have hooks or zips.
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