If it’s your first try at getting bathroom linens and other household towels for yourself, you may be surprised by the number of towels your home needs.

Let's make a shopping list; these are the necessary towels for daily use.

Bath Towels

Your bath towel is the MVP of your towel collection. When you buy bath towels, check the label for material and weight. A bath towel is as comfortable as the quality and density of the fibres that make it up. Look for a cotton bath towel greater than 500 GSM. It will be gentle and soft on your skin, absorb water well, and last long.

Hand Towels

A hand towel is like the middle child of a towel set; it often goes unnoticed but works the hardest. Standard hand towels are 40 x 60 cm, and a nice, super-absorbing hand towel is no less than 450-500 GSM. Wash these as often as possible since hand towels collect a ton of bacteria. How often should you wash your towels depends on your particular use as well.

Face Towels

Face towels are often ignored when buying towel sets. However, maintaining separate towels for the body, hand, and face is imperative to good skincare. You'll find face towels in a 30 x 30 cm size or something smaller in a microfibre variety.

Kitchen Towels

A kitchen towel is one of the vital types of towels for everyday use. You need a separate towel for the kitchen by your sink to wash your hands after prepping meals or cleaning the countertops. You can get a standard hand towel in a colour that matches the counters and cabinets for your kitchen.

Clean-up Towels/ Washcloths

Separate your kitchen towel for wiping your hands and a clean-up towel for clearing up messy countertops, soaking up any spills, and cleaning other household messes. You can buy a hand towel or a face towel as a washcloth, though we recommend the smaller towel for ease of washing up. 

Towels at Trends Alley Australia

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