What makes up a luxurious bathing experience? A levelled spray of water in the shower, soapy fragrant goodness, and the ideal water temperature? The only missing element is something comfy to dry yourself. Bath towels are convenient enough to serve this purpose, but how about you level up and buy luxury bathrobes for the perfect end to your baths?

Bathrobes – Cosy Extravagance Personified 

Towels can be used as an alternative to bathrobes for quick showers, but we suggest you pair them up with a bathrobe for a complete bath. You might ask, why not just use that towel to dry off?  

Here’s why bathrobes are essential for luxury that you can't experience with just a towel.

1. Wrap up for complete warmth

No matter how oversized your bath towel is, you cannot cover your arms and legs comfortably. This is where bathrobes come in. They envelop you completely, shoulder to toe. This kind of warmth is vital, particularly during chilly weather.

2. Get ready without hassle

Say you want to curl your hair, put on makeup, apply a face mask, or even get your clothes sorted out. A bathrobe is more convenient than a towel to keep you warm, and you don’t have to worry about it slipping off.

3. Use fewer clothes and towels

Put on a bathrobe after a swim to dry off, wrap yourself, and protect yourself from the elements. Plus, you reduce your laundry load! Combed cotton bathrobes are ideal for their superior softness and absorption; check out Combed Cotton – The Mark Of Luxury Bath Linen.

4. Maintain privacy as you move around

Covering yourself with a towel can be a tad inconvenient when you're concerned about preserving modesty and privacy. On the other hand, bathrobes make it convenient to move around, take out and iron clothes and get ready with other people around.

5. An alternative for loungewear/pyjamas

A bathrobe is a perfect excuse not to wear your usual clothing as you lounge around making coffee, putting on your favourite show, or even if you are working from home!

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