Cotton is the most used fibre in the textile industry. Be it clothing items, bed sheets, cushion covers, towels or napkins, everything has cotton as its main ingredient. Cotton fabric is made from the cotton plant, the most delicate snow cloud. And because it is so delicate, it is to be plucked intricately too. Combed cotton comes from the same plant, but it undergoes an additional step during manufacturing to make it softer, stronger, and smoother than regular cotton.

Both regular and combed cotton undergo a process where their impurities are removed, and fibres separated. Afterwards, regular cotton is spun into yarn. However, for combed cotton, an additional brush passes through the fibres after their separation to remove any residual impurities and separate shorter threads from the longer ones, hence the name “combed cotton”. After combing, the long-straightened fibres join more tightly promoting less wearing and fraying as the shorter, weaker fibres have already been removed. And then, like regular cotton, it is spun into yarn.

Combed cotton is softer and superior in quality to regular cotton as it has longer fibrous strands and zero impurities. This also makes it stronger, more durable, and smoother. It is because of these benefits and the additional work required during the manufacturing process that combed cotton is more luxurious and expensive than regular cotton.

Combed Cotton Care:

Like regular cotton, combed cotton requires almost the same care. You can take the following steps to keep the softness and look of it alive for long.

  • To prevent the product from shrinking and getting withered, avoid washing it with hot water. Instead use cold or warm water.
  • Use mild detergents for long-lasting softness and avoid the use of fabric softeners.
  • Spin drying in the machine is fine if the heat setting is not too harsh. Do remove the product from the dryer immediately to prevent wrinkles.
  • However, sun drying is still preferred so that all stored moisture is removed.

Why we use and recommend combed cotton?

  • It is soft and breathable.

You will be able to experience the essence when you use any of Trends Alley’s products be it face towels, body towels, bathmats, or bathrobes.

  • It is stronger than regular cotton.

As mentioned earlier, as the shorter fibres get removed, it allows the long threads to make a stronger weave that is less likely to break.

  • It is kids and adult friendly.

Because combed cotton products are soft and smooth, they are good for and liked by both age groups. They are soft on skin, gentle on the hair, provide fluffy feels for the body and, in addition, look cool when worn.

  • It is easy to care for.

When you follow the instructions provided with each article or if you follow the care instructions in our blogs, you get to keep them for long and realize how easy they are to care for. As towels need to be washed after regular intervals, it is advisable to care for them, so your hotel-like towel collection stays fresh.