While the overall aesthetic and service play a significant role in one's hotel stay experience, there's no denying that linens have an essential part too. Are you looking to buy the best bed and bathroom linens? If yes, then keep on reading.

Shopping For Hotel Bath Linens

Comfortable bathroom linens can drastically improve your hotel stay experience. Towels come in various sizes; make sure your rooms have one for each person in the room.

Bath Towels

Bath towels are an essential piece of any hotel bathroom. Buy bath towels with high-GSM (preferably something over 500) for premium softness and absorption. Cotton bath towels are gentle on the skin, provide comfortable drying, and are easy to maintain.


Any high-end hotel has bathrobes for guests to use after a bath and complimentary takeaways. The denser the bathrobe, the cosier and warmer it is. Buy bathrobes that evoke a sense of unforgettable indulgence!

Hand Towels

Make sure to have plenty of hand towels in your rooms. Luxury hand towels usually weigh between 500-600 GSM for optimal absorption and a smooth feel.

Bonus: Bath Mats

Make sure to buy bathmats that comprise densely woven fibres. These are placed to avoid wet footsteps all over the floor of the room and any slips and falls.

Shopping For Hotel Bed Linens

Bed linen includes sheets, pillow covers, and duvet covers. Choose these carefully, as your guests' experience depends on how comfortable their night's sleep is in your accommodation.

Check the thread count

As the general rule goes, the higher the thread count is, the more luxurious the bed linen. When shopping for the best hotel linens, go for a thread count of more than 400 in bedding.

Know the best fabric

Combed Cotton: comprises longer fibres for a soft yet durable exterior. When buying cotton or other bed linen, check for OEKO-TEX & BSCI Certifications to ensure you're providing your guests with optimum-standard linens.

Percale: is a cotton-mix fabric known for its durability and crisp look, more robust than most bed linens, optimal for hotels and hospitality use.

Sateen: is crafted with a mix of cotton cloth and satin, preferable for linens that face more wear and tear.

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