Before we jump directly into what this blog is all about, let’s understand what “certification” means to business owners and why we need it.

A certificate, for an industry, is a validation of claims about the sustainability and authenticity of a product. One of the most crucial factors in a textile supply chain is the raw material level because that decides the future of the product and the customer experience. There are different certifications that verify and protect the brand and the customers from the beginning of the supply chain through the production process until the material reaches its final shape and form. 

But it doesn’t end there because certifications also confirm social, environmental, and human safety by ensuring toxin-free availability of products. Moreover, employee experience, health and safety at work, cost, durability, and production time frame are also assessed in the certification process. Basically, certifications provide proof and credibility to the claims being made by businesses.

Trends Alley proudly produces its products in a certified facility because every life matters to us. Hence, it feels good to see consumers being conscious about their product choices and opting for cleaner, organic, and healthy products for their homes. We respect everybody’s right to know what they use. We know our customers are not only adults but kids with the most sensitive skins, customers of the beauty and hotel industry, caregivers, patients, doctors, etc. 

All Trends Alley’s products, whether towels, bathrobes, or bathmats, are made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certified facility. So, what exactly does that mean?

OEKO-TEX Standard 100: OEKO-TEX is the world’s leading standard on textile safety. It is proof that your product is free from toxins, non-hazardous, sustainable, and safe to use. 

The OEKO-TEX Standard tests products for over 350 harmful chemicals and substances. This standard covers the raw materials and all finishes, dyes, and accessories used in the final product to ensure their human ecological safety. This is important because when you use any product treated with toxic substances, the toxins can get absorbed into your body. 

So, by purchasing products that have the OEKO-TEX Standard label, you guarantee that the textiles you have are kind to the skin and completely safe to use for you and your family. 

BSCI Certification: A BSCI certification monitors the supply chain to ensure that textiles are made in an ethical and socially responsible manner. It is a comprehensive framework that has checks and balances to ensure that:

  1. Businesses abide by applicable laws, policies and regulations. 
  2. They promote the welfare of their employees through the provision of decent working hours and conditions, prohibition of child labour, protection against discrimination and harassment, encouraging freedom of association and adopting ethical business behaviour.
  3. They make products from sustainable materials and eco-friendly processes while minimizing waste through re-manufacturing, re-use and recycling.

Therefore, buy our products today with confidence. For us, it isn’t just luxury and style that matter but the safety of you and your family too.