Contrary to popular belief, bathrobes are not an age-old invention—presumably developed from the 18th century forward. However, the chief inspiration for the comfiest bathroom linen you own—the dressing gown—has existed for decades.

If you love wrapping yourself in soft, cottony goodness after a shower or bath, you'll be surprised to know that this wasn't the intended purpose of a robe…at first.

Let's get into it.

The History Of Bathrobe

Described in the English language as a "loose-fitting outer garment", the first robes were dressing gowns. Men wore these dressing gowns around the house. These were specifically called "banyans" and were an imitation of Chinese robes.

The fabrics used included printed cotton, velvet and silk damask. Banyans were a novelty item primarily worn by upper-class men. Glad to know that's changed because we all love and deserve a good robe in our lives!

Both women and men eventually wore dressing gowns over their nightclothes as appropriate everyday space apparel. As for "robes", these are a part of many cultures as daily wear—such as the Chinese robes, Japanese Kimono, Turkish Kaftans, etc.

In short, the history of bathrobes is fascinating. The bathrobe you see today has a great many inspirations. Though the banyan remains the primary predecessor (having a matching collar and pocket design), you'll find modern bathrobes inspired by robes from various cultures.

From Robes to Bathrobes

Eventually, people realized why bathrobes are essential: these are a step up in comfort and privacy compared to bath towels. Bathrobes were originally more common in public baths and saunas, followed by hotel and contemporary spas. Eventually, this comfy invention made its way to household linen closets.

Today, you can find spa and hotel-grade bathrobes for use at home. (Read Why Are Bathrobes Essential For A Luxurious Bath Experience). Though these usually come in unisex style—the only difference being the size—you can find something befitting your taste.

Modern bathrobes are usually crafted from cotton, cotton blend, polyester and even bamboo rayon. The popular choice for bathrobes, cotton comes in several options. First, you've got your expression of quality and luxury, Turkish and Egyptian cotton. Then comes something practical and economical yet still luxurious—combed cotton. It's perfectly absorbent, breathable and comfortable, ideal for round-the-year use.

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