There is a whole world of towels. And no, we're not talking about different types of towels for other uses (i.e. bath, hands, face). Instead, we're talking towels that are crafted in ways that differ from the course of your classic bath towel.

Introducing: peshtemals towels. The name peshtemals has Turkish origins, and so does the towel. You may have seen his towel in your local home goods store or online. Wonder what makes it different?

Here is a brief look into peshtemals—and what makes these different from traditional cotton towels.

Patting Dry With A Peshtemal

On first look, the word that will come to your mind for peshtemal is "thin". It's because they are quite thin and lightweight. Peshtemals are flat-woven, resulting in no fluff like that of a classic cotton towel. Despite the texture, the fibres are quite absorbent. And because the towel is crafted to be lightweight, it dries fast. Add these to your bathroom linen closet for some diversity.

So What Makes Peshtemals Towels Different From Traditional Cotton Towels?

There are a few significant differences between the two types of towels. Here's a low-down of peshtemals towels vs cotton towels:

Drying Speed

Peshtemals are thin, and they dry as fast as they absorb. In comparison, thick and fluffy cotton towels take some time before they're completely dry. So if you're looking for the best towel fabric that makes packing up fast after use, peshtemals are your thing.

Luxury Feel

Cotton towels are your best friend if you prefer a plush feel in your towel. The denser the towel (i.e. having a high GSM), the more spa-like feel it exudes. Peshtemals are more practical and not your average towels, the kind you feel like enveloping yourself in after a hot bath to end a long, tired day.

Popularity Of Use

Peshtemals make ideal travel towels. These are also a favourite for beach-goers and for poolside drying needs. In addition, since peshtemals towels are thin, they take up less luggage space and make great short-trip travel companions.

On the other hand, classic cotton towels are ideal for everyday home use since the primary importance of towels includes after-bath needs. Classic cotton towels are also the top choice for hotels and spas, especially the luxurious kind. Of course, they'll take up considerable space, but that's fine if you keep these in your linen closet or racks.

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