No matter how hot your water temperature is during a winter season bath, you can't avoid that dreaded time when you have to get out. The biting chill gets you no matter how quickly you try and dry yourself. Lucky for you, we've got the perfect bathroom linen for you—a bathrobe!

Factors Of The Perfect Bathrobe For The Chilly Season

Envelope yourself in shoulder-to-toe towel-y goodness and defeat the cold. However, not just any bathrobe will help you achieve a toasty warm feeling. You need a bathrobe that caters to post-shower or bath needs, especially in cold weather.

Ready to buy your winter bathrobe? These are the factors of the perfect bathrobe.

Ideal, High-Quality Fabric

Why are bathrobes essential in winter? Reason number one is protection from cold. So when it comes to choosing a fabric for a winter bathrobe, we vote for cotton. It's sheltering against the chill without making you feel suffocated.

Also, a bathrobe is a considerable investment; the better the quality, the higher the price tag. If you don't want to buy a separate bathrobe for summer and winter, then a cotton bathrobe is the way to go. Cotton is cool enough for the summer yet warm enough for the winter.

Super-Quick Absorbency

The faster the water gets off you and into the fabric of the towel, the less time you spend shivering, right? Another reason to get a good quality fabric, as we emphasized above, is that it makes the bathrobe absorbent.

However, when considering the factors of the perfect bathrobe, be aware of the thickness of a bathrobe. Not all plushy bathrobes will get rid of the water. On the other hand, a textured bathrobe, such as a combed cotton bathrobe, is crafted to dry quickly.

Extra Fluffiness & Large

Density, density, density—we're all for high-GSM material that gives a bathrobe that cloud-like feeling you find in a high-end hotel or spa. A high-GSM bathrobe—preferably 500 GSM or higher—will keep you warm and toasty even on the coldest days.

Also, size up when you buy a bathrobe. In the history of bathrobes, these were initially dressing gowns donned for modesty, and they serve the same purpose today. A good-size bathrobe will cover you well as you stroll around getting ready after a bath and keep you comfortably snug.

All the Factors Of The Perfect Bathrobe—At Trends Alley Australia

High-quality and comfy bathrobes are our specialty. Made from hand-picked cotton, tested for plushness and warmth—these will be your new winter season best friends!

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