Bathrobes are such a great invention. They might sound ancient to some of us who link them to kimono--style dresses, but the innovations in style and comfort have made them stay trendy all these years. From modest covering to cozy feels and relaxation from all the fluffiness – they offer everything. You can use them to cuddle up after a hot bath or cover up when you are at the beach. When you purchase the best-quality bathrobe from Trends Alley, you get a wide variety of colour options that you can coordinate with your towel sets. You also get two types: ribbed terry velour and jacquard terry velour.

Here are a few reasons why you should own a bathrobe:

  • Bathrobes keep one warm and cozy after showers or after a swim. It’s because cotton and terry materials are highly water absorbent, so they won’t let you get cold.
  • They are also a good cover-up when you’re deciding your daily outfit and can’t jump out of your night dress. And especially if you have to curl your hair and put your makeup on before sliding into your outfit.
  • Planning a beach vacation? Then take a bathrobe along! It provides not just the perfect post-swim cover-up but also protects you from harsh sun and wind. And let’s be honest, we don’t put on sunscreen every two hours.
  • Whenever you love some extra covering or warmth, robes are the answer.
  • Do you have guests over at your place, or are you staying at somebody’s? Don’t shy away from getting into your comfy PJs timely. Get into your night dress, put a bathrobe on, and you’re good.
  • If you’re planning a girl’s night in or a bridal shower for your bestie, all you bridesmaids can choose a colour and have a relaxing spa time, movie night and do your skincare- all in just a bathrobe.
  • If you’re pre-planning Halloween’s outfit or have a costume party coming up but don’t want to go out of budget- just put a bathrobe on, wear your granny’s glasses and some curlers in your hair.
  • Trends Alley’s bathrobes are also budget-friendly, which is one more reason not to say no to something so cool.
  • And if you want to match colours with your BFF and your partner in crime- you’re sorted! Because our products suit all genders and have multiple colour and style options to choose from.

Robes are worth it, especially if they are of a good quality. Our premium quality combed cotton is durable and can be very cozy because we put efforts into collecting and weaving it for our products. Hence, our luxury bathrobes are designed to be soft, warm, comfortable, and, most importantly to last. So, we would suggest, don’t waste another minute!