Do you want to give your baths or home spaces a revamp? Are you also considerate of mindful living? We have a solution that does both and more! 

Change is good for the eyes and soul, but our responsibility is also to keep our planet clean by using products properly. Although our products are made of 100% cotton and biodegradable, they serve more than their value if they are used, reused, and recycled wisely. 

It is necessary to mention here that following the wash instructions properly and giving your towels a vinegar rinse makes them soft and fresh, like new again. However, over time, they may lose their strength, plushness, and ability to absorb moisture. Some fabrics may also develop permanent stains or odours, so we suggest changing textiles every two to five years. 

Since we belong to the “anti-waste gang” too, everything shared here is a tried and trusted way that helps many declutter and reuse items. Here are a few options you can choose from after washing and disinfecting your towels properly. 

1. Turn them into:
  • Baby wipes; kids need them often, so why buy new ones every time.
  • Knee pads; especially for kids who begin crawling.
  • Outdoor blanket; it’s that time of year when sitting in the sun has all the fun. So, keep an old towel with you to keep yourself warm when the cool breeze flows.
  • Packing material; changing your house or packing stuff for future use? Keep towels in-between things to prevent breakage.
  • Cleaning Rags; swiffer towels or mops; towels work the best as these and can be reused too.
  • Bathroom Mats; we bet you have tried this at least once.
  • Dish towels; drying dishes is the best thing some old hand towels can do.
  • Chew toys or animal toys; if you have puppies, you know how they love chewing everything. So, give them an old towel and let them play.
  • Floor covering when you’re painting your walls; prevent paint or polishes from dropping onto your floors and save yourself from extra cleaning afterwards.
  • For outdoor moping or moisture clearing; they work best in the rainy season. Place them before or after your mats, so both the mats and your homes stay clean and dry.
2. Find a donation centre or homeless shelter if the towels still look and feel great.
3. Or you can find an animal shelter and donate there. Yes, towels are needed and used there daily. 
Do you have any more suggestions?