Everyone loves stepping out of a relaxing shower and wrapping themselves in the warm embrace of a soft, plush towel. But there's nothing more annoying than finding yourself covered in lint once you take off that towel! 

Let's face it – we have all fallen victim to the phenomenon called 'shedding', 'pilling' or 'linting' sooner or later. And it's just not limited to old towels. Even your new luxury towel purchase can quickly turn downhill when you use it for the first time, only to be covered in little balls of cotton fluff. 

But worry not, as we at Trends Alley Australia are here to lend a helping hand. Below are some tips to stop your towels from shedding. 

How to Stop Towels from Shedding 

Towels made with long-staple cotton such as combed, Turkish or Egyptian cotton resist shedding far better than regular cotton towels. However, even the best quality online bath towel is bound to shed lint sooner or later as it wears out with use. 

Try the below-mentioned tips to stop your towels from shedding and to remove lint from towels: 

No-Heat Dryers

Start by shaking off your towel to eliminate all the loose lint. Next, make sure that the lint trap in your dryer is clean. Then toss your towels in the dryer and run them on a low or no-heat setting like an air fluff cycle. When complete, take your towels out to see if they still have lint. Repeat the process until the lint is completely removed. 

Soak in Cold Water

Try soaking your towel in cold water before washing and drying. The cold treatment will act as an effective tool to stop towels from shedding.  

Use a Lint-Roller

Some towels shed during the initial washes but then get better. While you put up with the shedding, using a lint roller is a simple way to remove all the tiny fluffs of cotton on the towel's surface. 

White Vinegar and Baking Soda

Using white vinegar will ensure that your towels remain soft and smooth. White vinegar acts like a fabric softener, penetrating through the coating of the towel and helping keep it smooth from the surface. You can always use baking soda if you do not have white vinegar. It is by far the best way to stop towels from shedding. 

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