Shopping for bath mat sets for your bathroom may appear simple. But what you choose goes a long way in shaping your bathroom's overall look and feel. Apart from adding to your bathroom’s aesthetic, bath mats also have practical use; they absorb excess water and prevent slipping as you step out of the shower.

However, when shopping for a bathroom mat, there are many things to consider. These include the material, size, colour, durability, and required maintenance, to name a few.  Here are some helpful tips to make your bath space safer, more vibrant, and more inviting by incorporating a bath mat that complements the room's decor.

Begin By Measuring Your Bathroom

First, measure your bathroom and the floor space where you want to place the mat. This is usually in front of the bathtub, shower area or sink. If you end up with a mat that is too small, it may look out of place and may even pose a safety hazard if water spills onto the tile as you exit the shower or bathtub. On the other hand, if you choose a mat that is too large, it may not fit properly with your bathroom fixtures and may draw all of the attention in the room, distracting from other decors. Your measurements will also assist you in deciding whether you want a rectangular, square, round, or abstract-shaped mat.

Consider Colours Next

Most people overlook the bathroom as a place to showcase their style. But it's just as important as any other room, especially if it opens onto your master bedroom. You can opt for solid colours or distinct patterns. The goal is to find a mat that fits your bathroom's look and elevates its design while displaying your distinct personality. Smaller mats are ideal for patterns because they do not overpower the eye.

Select The Material

One of the most important steps is to pick the material for your bath mat. Remember that it will most likely be exposed to water daily, so it must be hard-wearing. Cotton mats are extremely popular as they are more absorbent and dry faster than most bath rugs. They're also soft to the touch, making them feel incredibly comfortable underfoot.

Combed cotton mats are even softer to the touch and more absorbent. Alternatively, you could go with a mat made of synthetic materials, such as chenille. These mats are not as plush and thirsty as cotton mats, but they are water-resistant, which means they will not sustain as much water damage over time.

Think of the Required Maintenance

When choosing a bath mat, consider how easy it is to care for. Not a fan of laundry day? Make your life simple and select a cotton bath mat that is easy to wash and dries quickly. On the other hand, bath rugs and chenille mats are machine washable but take longer to dry.

To Wrap Up:

With the above tips in mind, you can confidently select the perfect luxury bath mats. If you are looking for a high-quality bath mat, do visit Trends Alley’s online store. We offer a wide selection of bath mats to match any style or taste. Our bath mats are available in colours that go with our toweling range so that you can create a coordinated look for your bathroom.