Believe it or not, the towel fabric you choose can make or break your self-care routine. In addition, since towels come into regular contact with your skin, it is wise to choose ones that are soft to the touch and gentle on your skin. 

Like all products, towels, too, are available in an array of options. You can find the cheapest and most exorbitant variations. Nevertheless, no matter how extravagant, a towel will be worthless if it does not live up to its intended purpose. 

Since many out there are unaware of how to choose the most suitable towel fabric, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of elements to consider while purchasing a towel. So, without further ado, below is your answer to how to choose the best material for your bath towels

How to Choose the Best Towel Fabric 

It might seem easy, but towel preferences vary from individual to individual. Below are some factors you should consider when making your purchase: 


Before delving into the fabric and material, you must first settle upon which size best suits your needs, i.e. a bath towel or a bath sheet. Traditionally, bath towels are smaller in size and much easier to manage. 

However, bath sheets tend to be more absorbent, being larger than your standard bath towel. Not to mention bath sheets also give a lot more coverage. So, before you decide on one, it is good to know what size you need.   


The weight of the fabric is measured in grams per square metre (GSM). Towels with a higher GSM are thicker, fluffier, and more absorbent than ones with a low GSM count. However, to make it easy, towels with a density of 500 GSM and above are considered premium quality, commonly found in luxury hotels and spas. 


With various types of towel fabrics - including combed, Egyptian and Turkish Cotton, microfibres, and linen - some are more absorbent than others. Towels with long-staple cotton, such as the combed cotton used in Trends Alley towels, absorb more moisture than any other kind. 


The towel fabric should be sturdy enough to withstand years of regular wash and use. For this reason, cotton is one of the most used fabrics in towels. In particular, with its long fibres, combed cotton is more durable and resists shedding and fraying far better than any other cotton.


The best towels feel soft and smooth on the skin. When buying a towel, look for the "Certified by OEKO-TEX" label. OEKO-TEX is an independent certification system that ensures your textiles are free from toxins and, thus, kind to the skin. 


Towels made with Egyptian, Bamboo, and Turkish cotton cost more than the others. You can spend all your hard-earned money on pricey towels, but they are still not guaranteed to last. A better option is to settle for ones that offer the best price-to-quality ratio. 

Trends-Alley – Your Premium Bath Linen Store 

Investing in a good-quality towel for yourself is a gift that keeps on giving. After all, there's nothing better than spending some me-time wrapped in a luxuriously soft towel after a long, relaxing soak. With these tips in mind, we are sure you will find a quality towel that perfectly fits your needs. 

At Trends Alley, we have curated a range of luxury towels and bathrobes to make your days special. Our team has combined unique styles, rich textures, and expert craftsmanship to create textiles that look as well as feel good. We use only the highest-grade combed cotton. Combed cotton is one of the world's finest quality cotton that offers superior softness, absorbency and colour vibrance to regular cotton. 

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