So what is minimalism or mindful living? Minimalism is “having or owning fewer possessions”, while mindful living is conscious living where you “know what you’re buying, how much you’re buying, and recycling and reusing wisely”. Both these ways of life are more or less the same. And we believe in a duet of both. Which is why we have designed products that are Earth-friendly and built to last.

So how minimalist or mindful buyer should you be? Well, every home is different and has different requirements. For example, a house with young children needs more towels, some people like towels of one size only, some homes host more guests, and some homes have people of age. Although the requirement of each house is different, living mindfully and investing in the right accessories for yourself and your home can go a long way.

Now let’s mention some of the ideas that answer the question you ask yourself often, “How many towels should you have?”

  • Two by Two: An infamous rule for any home linen would be to have two pairs. Two sets of towels, two bedsheets, two bathmats etc. One to use and one extra that you can replace it with.
  • Two by two- and two: A variation we added for you since it is good to keep some extra for guests and for days when your laundry gets delayed or if you or the kids are not feeling well.
  • Two per Head: Another general opinion is to have two per head since we shouldn’t be sharing towels. Why is that is because you don’t want to share bacteria and acne with everybody in the house and the guests that pay you a visit.
  • Count your needs: We should all have a separate face and bath towel, a hand towel for the kitchen and one bath mat per washroom.
  • How? Ask yourself all how’s before you order anything.
  • How many do you need? How many can you afford? How many can you easily organize?

Extra Tip: Get towel sets for a coordinated look in your baths. You can either have a monochromatic home or have a different feel for each room. Always know that it doesn’t have to be expensive to look good and organized.

Do let us know which minimalistic tip works best for you and why?

Happy Shopping!