When it comes to bathroom décor, every detail matters-from the colour of the lights to the bathmat. So if you are shopping for bathroom linen, here are some factors of the best bathmat you should consider. Read on!

Does It Work With Water?

1. Is your Bathmat Doing its Job?

If it quickly sucks in the water and leaves your feet moderately to completely dry and comfortable, then yes. And if you have to keep sweeping your feet back and forth to get them free of moisture, then no.

One of the leading factors of the best bathmat is absorbency. A great bathmat starts with good absorbency without effort. Bonus if it dries well; if your bathmat retains moisture and smells, it's not the one for you.

2. What's The Size?

    The perfect bathmat is the perfect size for your bathroom (read How To Pick The Ideal Bathmat Set). We say that large bathmats are comfier and add to a luxurious bathroom experience. However, one reason you may feel that your current bathmat could do a better job drying your feet may be its size.

    Time to size up! Browse the bathmat collection to find one that fits the exterior of your bathtub or shower or the area around the sink.

    3. The Amount Of Fluff

      Let's face it-we all want to feel like walking on clouds when it comes to bathroom mats. A bathmat that feels soft under your feet, especially after a long bath to take off the stress of the day, is a valuable piece of bathroom linen.

      However, while fluffiness comes with density, it may have a hard-to-dry side effect. Therefore, go for a soft bathmat without being so dense that it does not dry quickly, as density is a factor in the importance of cleaning bathmats.

      4. Colours To Match The Interior

        Up next in factors of the best bathmat: it's time to do some matching! A bathmat that complements the theme of your bathroom is a bathmat that you need. You can go for a perfect match, like pastel on pastel.

        Or go for a contrasting touch. For example, lights and darks in the same shade, such as mint green and jade or emerald green, are eye-catching. Alternatively, go for opposite colours, such as black and white or beige and navy blue. 

        5. Patterns and Textures

          Who says you have to settle for plain bathmats? Mix it up when considering prints as one of the best bathmat's important factors! Choose something with a pop of design. Self-textured bathmats are a safe place to start if you want to move away from plain mats. You can go for bathmats with border design or a complete print.

          Whatever you choose, ensure it pairs with your bathroom's aesthetic-preferably elevates it!

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