We all wish for basic, everyday-home-decor changes, but every such move means a budget crunch, and nobody wants that, innit?

Well, not anymore. Because we’re about to give you basic (literally!) swaps and changes, in just one domain of your home, that we all know of but somehow shy away from implementing.

Let’s begin with why these makeovers are important. Most of us love a consistent routine and a mess-free house (at least we do), but it gets boring for our sight after some time. Even if we do feel like having a mini-makeover, it seems like we don’t have the time and energy to do anything more than what we are already doing. But have you observed how just changing the bath towels weekly or putting a small pot of plant gives a refreshing look to your bathroom space? Or when you change the placement of a rack, the whole room looks different? That’s exactly the change we’re about to talk of here, and that’s exactly the change that makes all the difference!

Here are some observations that can help you remodel the most used and least loved space of your home:

  • Give your bathroom a deep cleanse- rub those tiles, whoosh clean the mirrors, and remove the shower curtain.
  • Now observe the size of your bathroom- is it big or small?
  • Do you have a mirror inside your bathroom, or do you have a separate space outside that has a sink and drawers, so it serves as a dressing table?
  • How are the tiles of your bathroom? Are they plain and light-coloured or dark and patterned?
  • Which shampoo-set do you use? The colour of it and other products that are in your bathroom area?

Once you have answers to these questions, start building combinations and contrasts of how you would like to see the colours building.

  • Place all the skincare, makeup and hair care products back aesthetically in a woven storage basket.
  • If you have a bigger bathroom with plain tiles, you have more colour options to play with. Try building a combination with the products, colour of the shower curtain and then get a similar bath towel set from Trends Alley that compliments. We’d suggest a darker shade set for that December-festive holiday pop!
  • If the bathroom is small and the tiles are dark, choose a lighter shade of towels. You can also go with white for a hotel-like aura.
  • You can buy two or more of our towel sets in different colours and rotate them every once in a while, to give your bathroom a fresh, new feel. Or, you can pair two colours together to create an interesting, contrasting look.
  • Put a diffuser with some bohemian and Hawaiian scent for the spa-days at home if you can’t go out on the beach anytime soon.
  • Place a bathmat next to your bathtub or shower area and sink to add a decorative look to your bathroom. Discover Trends Alley’s range of elegant bath mat sets that coordinate perfectly with our towelling range for the complete look.
  • Add a pot of plant, like Aloe Vera, to the space. Not only will it purify the air but you can also take a leaf off of it, cut it in half, take the gel out, apply it on your hair or cleanse your face, and enjoy the two-in-one mask.
  • Change the placement of your mirror and the way you hang and place your towels (bath towel, hand towel, bathrobe, bath mats- everything)

And that’s it! That’s the revamp.

If you’re struggling with colour and quality options, you’re at the right place. Because you name it, we have it. Trends Alley has a range of collections that cater to different requirements, with a diverse colour palette that includes subtle, earthy tones to bold and contemporary shades. Furthermore, our towels are available in sets that include bath towels, hand towels, face towels, bath sheets and bath mats. After all, we don’t want some all-over-the-place colour schemes happening for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Check all of them out and get yourself the one that will make all the bathroom makeover effort worth it.