Wow! We can’t believe it’s the end of the year already. And one thing we all realized this year is how self-care should be a priority because you can only put your best foot forward if you are feeling the best. 

Self-care is a broad term and consists of everything from physical, psychological, and emotional well-being to spiritual, relationships and professional health. We can’t stress enough that your personal well-being is necessary for you to flourish in your societal roles. It is amazing to see how people are more vocal about it, and there are many suggestions, advice, and options available on social media. 

Today, we will be sharing some ways and routines that are doable and won’t take too much of your time or be too heavy on your pocket. You don't need to start on 1st January. Instead, we suggest you start today so that by the time it's new years, you're already consistent and in the groove.

Our self-care agenda for 2023 includes: 

  • Develop a sleep routine- This is the most basic and underrated quick fix for most of our problems. Practice "The Military Method". Start by relacing the mouth muscles and moving downwards to your shoulders, arms, hands, core, legs, and feet. You'll also feel how some parts of your body were tense for no apparent reason. This technique induces sudden relaxation, which promotes sleep. If this doesn't work, try stopping your thoughts while you practice this technique. It may take you a couple of days, but it surely works. 
  • Hydration- Another natural component that we don't take seriously. Water is the essence of life. This potion cures everything, whether your skin, hormones, joints, or body weight and shape. Take at least eight glasses every day. Start slow, keep a count, get a cute bottle, and start today!
  • Have a daily agenda- Divide your tasks. Do them in an order that works for you but do know what you need to do daily. Always keep a task that you can move to the next day, so there is no last-minute rush or anxiety. Either write them down or keep them in your head, but having an agenda makes the day pass by easily.  
  • Time division- Divide time for your tasks, spiritual connection, screentime, me-time, etc. Some people like getting a day to themselves each week, and some prefer moments of peace every day. Again, have a routine that works for you. You will only know once you try, so just start! 
  • Movement- Be it exercise, walking, dancing, yoga, cleaning, doing house chores or anything that makes you get up and move your body. We all know how movement helps us keep our bodies in shape, but the psychological effects of movement are even better. You don't need to do the same thing every day; you don't need to devote too much time to it. Just do whatever you like. It's the effort that counts! 
  • ME-time- Keeping all these routines and practices aside, have some moments of me-time every day. This can mean watching TV, sitting alone, talking to somebody, or singing. But anything that is just for you! Where there is no compulsion and no time limit. Maybe just a few deep breaths in a minute or two, but do have these moments, be conscious about them and enjoy them.
All this is to help you enjoy and have the best of each day. You don't need to spend extra bucks to practice these, have minimal yet neat and organic products and start your journey. Of course, there will be lows and bad days, but as long as you're consistent with a healthy routine, you will be fine because we always wish the best for you!